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By Webber is not just another fashion brand. It is a business that aims to shift consumers’ mindsets away from fast fashion ideals, to appreciate the quality of a garment, and to observe longevity and living with less.

Our unisex basics for every season are ethically made using earth friendly, recycled materials. Everything, from the fabric to the swing tags and packaging, has been consciously thought through with planet sustainability at the forefront. By not producing and manufacturing more than what we need, we avoid overconsumption.

Our Ethos

Here at By Webber, our mission is to help regenerate our planet by giving back and supporting the communities that help make the earth a better place. With each purchase made, we donate a percentage toward ocean clean ups, reforestation efforts, and Indigenous community groups.

When you purchase at By Webber, you’re not just a customer buying a product. You’re a voice contributing to a bright and sustainable future for generations to come.

Together, we can create awareness and change for a more ethical and sustainable world.”

– Elesha


“Inspired by my culture and connection to nature, I wanted to help push the slow fashion movement and turn it into an everyday ideal. It’s my passion to create premium, long lasting unisex products. So, I set out to build a brand that has substance and truth and gives back to the community and our planet.

By Webber isn’t dependent on the trends of the fast fashion industry. It leads by example, educates, inspires, and motivates ethical consumption for positive and impactful change. If we buy better, we can become more aware, and more conscious.”

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